Chelsea Home Physio

Chelsea Home Physio provides physiotherapy in the convenience of your own home, work or community  or you can visit us at our clinic. Our primary purpose is to give you the best opportunity to recover so that location and time are not obstacles for you.

“No matter how mild or complex a person’s needs, we believe everyone should feel valued and be empowered to achieve their best in the secure and familiar surroundings of their own home and  their community”


Man with a broken leg  walking on crutches

We offer fast access to physiotherapy treatment if you have experienced any of the following;

  • problems or general weakness after an operation
  • a long stay in hospital
  • recovering from a long illness
  • suffered a fracture/ sprain/ strain
  • mobility problems or have had a Fall
  • a neurological condition (Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease)
  • a respiratory/ breathing condition
  • chronic Back or Neck Pain
  • Arthritis or joint pain/stiffness

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